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USOPP me mandou esse "mod" pra melhorar o RE2Sourcenext

A full English translation (movies will still retain Japanese game title and subtitles).
Adds XInput support, which replaces the old WinMM legacy module. Shoulder triggers and directional pad will be recognized correctly.
Adds support for resolutions beyond 640×480 and also adds borderless fullscreen mode if you desktop resolution is below or equal to 2560×1440. Press F8 to cycle through them.
Fixes all lag issues found on Windows 10 due to broken DirectDraw emulation.
Fixes issues with music being mute when it’s supposed to play (i.e. RPD outdoor areas and Marvin’s office).
Adds support for extended modding via archives and DLLs that can be used to change game behavior.

LINK: http://appleofeden.de-doc.com/index.php/downloads/resident-evil-2-classic-rebirth/

repare o carro na rua em 6:42

é a porra de um delorean Assustado

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